Begin Deepening

An entry point into visual poetry, conceptual photography and deepeening into yourself.

This is a 5 week online ecourse with live video classes every week.

The back story:

I got sober when I was 18 years old from a crystal meth addiction. This course exists after 30 years of continuous sobriety and making the work ( my photography work ) right along side it… Year after year… leaning in and listening to my own personal pain. The discomfort I’ve felt struggling with social anxiety, the dis-ease I’ve felt in moments of feeling lonely, confusion inside relationships that I didn’t know how to talk about, self doubt, uncertainty, the depths of sorrow at the end of a relationship and expansive, delicious, sensual, sexual experiences of love and connection. I took the emotions I use to run from and turned it all into visual poetry with photography. I needed a way to turn towards it, have a conversation with it and challenge myself to figure out how to express it. I wanted to take something I couldn’t articulate verbally and turn it into something I could express visually.

As I became more comfortable inside my own skin the content for my work dove even deeper into the complexity of what lives underneath the surface. Investigating what’s most important to me. What’s on my mind and what’s weighing on my heart. I use this process and practice to shift my own attention and perception inside moments that are important to me. My work has become more of a spiritual practice of awakening.

This work is a starting point into the world of conceptual photography

This work is a deepening into our connection to self and to e v e r y t h i n g

Having a bad day? Pour it into the work. Feeling confused and stuck? Use it as your starting point. Nervous and excited about a new relationship? Use it as fuel to rev up the engines of creativity. You don’t have to search very far for content. It’s whatever happens to be swirling around in your head.

This work is potent and powerful and can crack you open as it has done for me…over and over and over again.

This Alchemy. Taking the internal dialogue that no longer serves you and turning it into gold. Being with yourself and your feelings about yourself and facing it in a sacred, safe and loving way and learning how to show up fully. Creating beauty with the beauty of your being. Even if you don’t quite see the beauty just yet.

This is not therapy, but it’s therapeutic.

Your art is the voice that will speak for you. Processing on a deeper level needs to happen outside the group with a licensed professional to do such work. I’m just not trained for that type of work.