Begin Deepening :: an ecourse

For the last 29 years, I’ve been creating images that express what’s going on underneath the surface of my daily life. The things that go unsaid. The feelings and internal conversations that never get a chance to come up for air. Instead of looking outside myself for inspiration, I’m turning inward and digging deep. How can I turn my internal reality, this specific pain or joy or question I have into something visual? It’s been an ongoing exploration and something I find so healing and transformative on many levels.

I’m working on a program that will take you through the process of creating your own conceptual imagery. It will be an extensive course, more like an art school feel with a longer time frame to create a new body of work. While I was creating the outline for the course it occurred to me that something was missing. I realized that before I ask you to jump into the deep end with me in such a big way, I should offer you a taste of what conceptual photography even is.

So, I’ve created this 10-day Conceptual Photography eCourse:: Begin Deepening.

Think of this as a taste of the depths can be reached in your photography and your personal growth.

I will walk you through the steps with daily information and prompts. We’ll gather on Instagram and share through the hashtag #begindeepening – and inside our own private Facebook group - which will give us community, insight and I’ll be there to support you and provide feedback.

Begin Deepening is a 10-day ecourse. An email will be delivered straight to your inbox each day for 5 days ( M-F ) with the weekend off and we will start back up the following Monday with another 5 emails. The lessons are in Video format. You're going to see me telling you the inside secrets of my own work and what each process I go through is along my own journey.

The cost for this 10 day eCourse is just $97.00.

I don’t see anything like this offered online and it’s the thing that makes my heart sing the most. It’s been a true healing component to my life and I would love to share the basics with you so you can explore and create new work infused with more of your internal landscape.

I’ll be sharing the inside layers of my own personal work, why I made the images the way I did, how I made them and the process I go through when I make this work…from idea to image. We will go step by step each day through the exact same process I go through in my own work, so that you can experience it for yourself. By the end you will have created a few images based on an idea or internal struggle that comes from your heart. You’ll be creating something from nothing. Instead of looking for the perfect image outside of yourself, you’ll be going inward for the answers. My work happens to have a lot of self-portraiture in it. That isn’t necessary for this kind of work. That’s up to you. I’ll share links to other photographers with very different sensibilities so you can get a taste of what’s possible.

I can't wait to share this process with you.

(In case you are questioning whether you are ready for a course like this :: You don’t need to call yourself a photographer or have a fancy camera to do this work. Your iPhone is just fine. You just need a little bit of curiosity, willingness and interest. )

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past participants say...

"There are no words to describe the doors that have opened for me through your [Begin Deepening] photography course! I knew that I wanted to express myself and how I am working through life with photography, just was unsure how to go about it.Your class came along when I needed it most!" -Kristine O.


 "This [course] has also changed the way that I feel about perfection in images - blur used to drive me crazy! But it feels liberating to throw out my "rules" and just trust myself to create in a new way." –Angie


 "Your course is helping me finally SEE myself whole ... And in a strange way it’s giving me the permission to really be okay with it and to share it which is shattering so many layers upon layers upon layers. So, you see, thank you feels really small, but it’s all I’ve got. You’ve lit a fire within me that I really didn’t know existed." - Tracey S.


 "I appreciate you putting yourself out there for us and pushing us to make art and to know ourselves better. I haven’t pushed myself to make art like this in a long time and it feels so good, like a missing piece in my life." -Melanie G.


 "How did this course help me? God in so many ways, I feel like I'm on fire.

Thank you- Thank you -Thank you!!!" -Lorijo D.


"I absolutely love it.  I started looking at everything around me in a new way…trying to grab the morning light before it was gone, seeing something happening in my kitchen that I absolutely HAD to photograph because it stirred something in me, thinking about my feelings and how to turn them into a photograph." - Kathy G.

Join in and expand your photography work, add some tools to your creative tool kit, mark the moments that matter in a whole new way. Create evidence of a life that's rich and layered and filled with your unique voice and vision. You won't believe the places you can reach and express. I'll show you the way and then you create a path that only you can follow.


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