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Today, Carrie-Anne Moss, @carrieannemoss, posted this on Instagram. It brought me right back to that day. Our first photo session together, soon after I moved back to Los Angeles from Utah and was in the middle of a divorce. The photo session was at her home and when she opened the door she greeted me with an open heart and love pouring out. We didn't have a plan except to create images in the moment and see how it went naturally. I used my iphone a lot as it was an easy way to capture the real and true moments happening in the house without the lens from my cameras that often make people feel the need to pose. This was one of those moments when it's all just happening in real time - this was not posed, thought out, on some photo list to create. It was real life happening. it was a split second that held miles and miles of meaning. Of motherhood. Of childhood. Of being loved deeply by your mother and of loving so deeply as a mother that your heart burst every. single. hug. We didn't know about this course just yet. It came later. This is often the case with my photo sessions. Photos are created in the moment - without an agenda and the universe somehow knows what's needed. We jump into the discomfort of not knowing what's going to happen and come out the other end with something better than we could have imagined. Her course, called "Mother", is a way for all of us in the role of mother to show up for ourselves more fully so we can be more present and ourselves fully embodied with our children.

she wrote on IG today: : "MOTHER is now open for registration. This is a course I teach every May with my dear friend Natalie. 4 weeks of compassion and connection does the body good. We have a gorgeous new website where you can learn more and register. Link is in my profile. Photos by @cjust."

It's a beautiful container where we can come together and honor each other and ourselves exactly how we are and where we are at in every moment. Creating a community of like minded, soulful women all trying to learn even more to tune in to what it already there and true and to trust it and ourselves.

Amen to that. In every way.