Crown ©Catherine Just

Crown ©Catherine Just


Self Portraiture as Medicine:: A 10-week course in Self Portraits that Heal.

This is a digital self study course created for those thirsting to awaken and empower themselves through  deep transformative creativity.

During the 10 weeks of this online course you'll be offered ways to express yourself ... with yourself as subject, muse, presence and person. Through weekly videos, I'll be sharing about my own journey with Self Portraiture and how I've faced myself during my most vulnerable times with only my camera and my being. You will learn how I create self portraits as a way to look, process and move through situations and emotions that matter the most. Through this process you'll be learning to trust yourself, listen to your intuition and grow as an artist. While I am not there in person, the video content is like having me in your living room.

You'll learn:

  • The difference between selfies and self portraits.

  • How to set up your camera the way I do and a variety of other ways it can be done.

  • How to respond to life through self portraiture.

  • How to use objects and your wardrobe as symbols and metaphors to help you tell a story within your images.

  • How to navigate and find the internal landscape that you can draw from to make your self portraits.

  • How to face yourself while making this vulnerable work. How to make it easier.

  • The difference between body::being::figure:: within a self portrait.

  • How to create a dream-like quality and feel that is a part of your signature style.

  • How to find your own style and how to create consistency within your process.

  • I'll share my process of creating my images with you from start to finish.

You'll experience the power of self portraits. The process will become your medicine, the end result a celebration. You do not need to call yourself a photographer to take this course.  It doesn't matter what camera you have. Your phone is great for this. All you need is curiosity and willingness to try something new or expand on what you've already started to do with self-portraiture.

I'd love for you to take this invitation to transform your being through self portraits.

You'll receive a new email with video content delivered every Monday for the 10 weeks of the course. You'll have the option to join a closed Facebook Group to connect with other artists and share your work with one another. While I am not involved live with you during this course and I won't be involved inside the Facebook group, you can add private 1:1 sessions with me during the duration of the course for an additional fee. Mentoring sessions can help guide you and give feedback on your work and provide added support at any point during the course. You'll receive a link that offers you the opportunity to work with me 1:1.



This Self Paced Course is just $397 for 10 weeks of transformation.



**I do not give refunds. Please take care in deciding whether or not this course is right for you before signing up**