A 12 Month Program for mama/artists

I know how hard it is to carve out time to make your art. Especially as a mama. Not only do you have your own day to day life to handle, you also have little one(s) to pay attention to and be present for. This isn't a complaint. This is just reality for us moms. We watch as people without children move forward quickly with their artwork and careers. Our flow is much slower and our time to create is sporadic at best.


You have dreams of create art consistently. You watch as others have art shows, or get their work published inside online publications, or they just make art regularly and you wonder HOW is this every going to be your reality with all you have on your plate as it is....


I know this squeeze well.

When I was married I decided to stay home to be present for my son and tried to make the artwork happen when he was napping or when daddy took him on adventures. But often I just needed to do nothing during those short lived moments alone and try to just catch my breath ( or stare off and sip tea ). Now that I'm divorced and the primary caretaker of my son, I'm juggling making lunches, getting him ready for school, when he is sick all attention is on Max and when he's not sick...well you know how it is.... It's a LOT. Artist often gets a backseat to Mama. The ache I have felt when inspiration hits and I cannot focus 100% on my art can really be.... ACHY!  I'm the kind of artist that loves long stretches of time to explore my ideas. I want to sink in and go deep inside the work and the process of making my art. Some of us work from home or go to work every day and then tend to the kids needs in the evening and then ... making art? Not so much. Sleep. sleep sleep sleep. s.l.e.e.p. ( hopefully )


I've managed to figure out ways to create my work, show my work, share my work and have some sort of flow...

And I want the same for YOU.

I've created a 12 month program to help support your artistic dreams all while continuing to be the present, loving mama you already are.

What is THIS??


This is a space to get support for the year to make your art a reality.

1. We start each month by setting our intentions for what we want to accomplish that month. Do you want to work on that painting once a week? Do you want to create 10 new photographs? Are you interested in learning about encaustic and want to sign up for a local class in your area? We say these desires outloud inside our supportive vibrant community to raise the vibration and get the fire underneath the projects so they lift off.

2. Weekly check in's with me inside our private FB group.

3. One live call inside FB to share with you new content, address what's happening for people inside the group, answer specific questions you send to me, give feedback.

4. Monthly content to read, watch or listen to. It could be a link to a podcast by a favorite artist, an interview I do with a mama/artist, a website worth looking at, inspiring artists to learn about, etc. This will be posted inside the FB group so you have access to these links throughout the year.

5. COMMUNITY. This is a BIGGY. How many of us fall into the "dealing with life and can't make art" swirl. Come together with these like-minded mama/artists for support. Having this accountability and support inside a sacred space is one of the MAIN tools I use to continue forward through the waves of motherhood. The group I have for myself saves me and keeps me on track in a loving way.

6. End of the month check in's to see what we were able to accomplish, what we need support around, what worked and what was challenging.

7. End of the year goal setting for each participant. ( this includes how you want to FEEL )

8. Chorus in the Heart daily practice. I'll share with you this important tool in my own life and offer you the opportunity to incorporate it daily in a way that works for you.

9. Resources. I'll have a list of linked resources for you to explore.

10. Productivity, Goals Achieved, Creativity, Momentum to make it all happen within your life.


The best news is that the first 50 people to join get an introductory offer of $57 / month.

$684.00 for the ENTIRE YEAR!!!!!!

Pay in Full now and you get an extra month for free!

We start on January 1st.

when you sign up now I'll have the community set up by December 1st so you can all gather and discuss your mama/artist goals for 2017.


Here you go:


Make 2017 the year of EXPANSION

Monthly Payments :

One Payment: