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Foray into the Future

Learn the transformative practice of Future Writing

with Makenna Held and Catherine Just

LIVE ( on zoom ) April 27th, 2019

9am-12pm pacific time

bring your journal and a pen as this will be a hands on / full tilt / experience of writing yourself into your own future.

this is about expanding your capacity to shape your life differently/better/bigger/ more joy filled/ your version of your best life

JOIN US LIVE!  ( on your computer! )

April 27th, 2019 at 9am Pacific time!

This 3 hour live workshop with Makenna and Catherine is $197

You can secure your seat by clicking HERE.

If you sign up and can't make it to the live workshop - we will be sending you the recorded workshop on video. So either way you'll get the goods!


If you're reading this page and thinking to yourself     "But I don't know what I want for my future"...   Well let me ask you this... I bet you know how you want to FEEL in your future, yes? ( or.... how you DON'T want to feel ) ...I have a feeling you have things happening in your life right now that you would love to have a new, better, easier, freer experience with? Maybe there are circumstances you really cannot change, but you want to have a different emotional response to them? Maybe you see someone ( Makenna or Myself... Living a life that seems "IMPOSSIBLE". Well... I gotta tell ya, I didn't think this life I'm living now was possible. Makenna suggested future writing to me and I thought she had gone mad... especially when she said she could totally see me traveling around Europe as an artist for 3 months. I mean.... I was taking care of my son Max 98% of the time while running a photography business in Los Angeles...there was NO POSSIBLE WAY! ( I did yell that at her ). She suggested I just write about it anyway and ask if my ex-husband would help me more with Max so I could actualize this...What happened was MORE than just traveling for 3 months. It was a MASSIVE LIFE AND CAREER CHANGE and it changed who I am and how I am inside and out. Future writing has become a ritual I rely on as I SEE IT WORKING! I have proof! You've seen it. I'm not making this up! And have you seen Makenna's life ?? !! It's um... nothing short of a miracle. At least that is how it looks when you buy Julia Child's Summer Home in the South of France, Start a cooking school, start and run a record label, Create and Lead Live Leadership events for women, write books, speak at big conferences, teach skiing lessons, mentor women artists, entrepreneurs, global and community leaders,  I mean the list goes on and on.. this is just a portion of it and it makes my head explode in what I SEE is POSSIBLE and ACTUALLY HAPPENING!


So what's the deal?

Come join us LIVE on January 5th at 9am pacific time and we will share with you all the details of what we both do with the future writing.

What we will be covering::

  • What is Future Writing?

  • How do you actually DO it?

  • How does Makenna do the future writing? Why does she believe in it? What's changed in her life as a result?

  • Hear what Catherine's experience is with this and how she uses it as a tool for transformation inside and out.

  • Learn how to get started even if you don't have any idea what you want for your future.

  • Learn how to think way outside the box and then write yourself into what you think is impossible.

  • Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back from what you truly desire.

  • Practice the art of Future writing with us.

  • Learn what to do after you write.

  • Why we feel that future writing is a much more effective tool than a vision board.

  • Learn Things we've both learned NOT to do with the future writing.

  • Learn how to create a daily habit.

  • Ask us questions about our future writing practice.

  • If you have specific questions about your own situations, you can bring them up during the question and answer session.

You'll leave with a wealth of information as well as having direct practice with future writing to get you onto the path of creating what you desire the most.



Makenna Held is a Leadership coach who purchased Julia Child's Summer home in the South of France and now runs a cooking school there. When she's not leading Live events around the US and France for Women Leaders or helping support people in creating the perfect omelet in'll find her signing new talent to her Record Label, Alo Records in Macon, Georgia. ( and this is just the brief overview...there's MORE and this is all a product of Future Writing! )


Catherine Just is an artist, photographer, activist, single mama of a 9 year old named Max Harrison ( who happens to have Down syndrome ). After future writing what seemed to be the impossible… Catherine let go of the house she was renting in Los Angeles, put everything into storage and traveled internationally to France, Italy, Morocco, Oaxaca, Canada and around the US working on a photography project with her 4x5 camera. What was going to be a 3 month adventure, turned into a new career, a life long project and lifestyle. Catherine now leads photography retreats in Paris, The South of France, Barcelona and Marrakech while continuing this project and starting new ones ( all as a result of continuing this future writing practice.

JOIN US LIVE!  ( on your computer! )

January 26th, 2019 at 9am Pacific time!

This 3 hour live workshop with Makenna and Catherine is $197

You can secure your seat by clicking HERE.

If you sign up and can't make it to the live workshop - we will be sending you the recorded workshop on video. So either way you'll get the goods!

Once you sign up you'll receive an email with details on the Zoom link, what to bring and how to prepare.

So many people have asked us both what this future writing is and how to do it - We can't wait to share all the details with you live!


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