Grow Day Four


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I share in the above video that the website to find the top / most used / hashtags is But that is incorrect.


password :: grow

One thing I didn't mention in the videos above is that I use hastags for all of my eCourses and all of my personal photo projects.

When I'm teaching a course, I let the participants know to use a certain hashtag so that I can find their work when they post it to their Instagram feed. This does 2 things actually. It helps me find them so I can give them feedback. It also lets others know who go to those participants feeds that there is something that is going on that they may want to check out. When they click on the hashtag it ultimately brings them over to my feed which may end up in another follower.

When I choose a hashtag for a 30 day challenge, a course, a personal project I will go over to the hashtag area and see if it's already used. If it is I will decide if that matters. I would prefer it be only used for my course or my personal project. This ensures a portfolio inside that hashtag with all of your work or the work of all of the participants of the course.

This can also let people see your personal projects when they click on your personal hashtag. They will see all of the work up to that point that has that same hashtag. It's amazing to go to other people's personal projects on Instagram and click their hashtag to view their body of work all together. People really do click these hashtags so consider using them consistently for projects or topics that connect.

My Personal and Course Hashtags::