Grow Day Six

The CrowdFire App

*** UPDATE September, 2017::

I created this program in April of 2016. Since then Crowdfire has changed the way they work and you can no longer use it the way I have featured it in the videos below.

You can watch these videos and find other platforms doing this similar thing. I personally haven't used any other platform to help me grow my list.

But many people do. Especially as your business grows, you will not have the time to invest in growing your list the way you may be able to now.

Some people as they start to grow will hire a team specific to growing their social media reach. There are companies designed to help you grow REAL followers and NOT just paying a company for more numbers. If you can find those companies I recommend them over just buying followers that aren't actually people...just numbers.

Hiring companies that justbuy more followers is not recommended as it doesn't actually do anything for your business. It just looks good as a number at the top of your Profile. It's EASY to tell if those numbers are REAL PEOPLE by the number of people actually engaging on that persons feed. Then they look worse than if they had grown slower and had real followers engaging on their feed.

Instagram doesn't like it either and will delete them. It may seem like a quick fix for a profile with low numbers, but it's not real and it won't help you grow with integrity.

If you watch the videos below you can learn how I used that app and maybe today there are new ones that offer something similar or even better. Right now - My engagement on IG is still about connection and going to hashtags ( like #polaroid #film #filmisnotdead #largeformat #impossibleproject ) to find other photographers and artists ( and entrepreneurs ) like me to engage with.

I think this is just the beginning with how to grow on Instagram. I'm still learning alongside all of you. I'd love to see what you're up to so please tag me @cjust on IG ( and of course FOLLOW ME ! )

As new programs come up I will update this program and you have lifetime access to it. So come back around and see if there are new ways I've started to implement into my Growth on IG.

Looking forward to hearing how your following GROWS!

much love,




password :: grow

Example of how I use the CrowdFire App

password :: grow