Capturing Breath : The Hotel Room Sessions



Meet me in a luxury hotel room in Paris…

or in the city of your dreams…including your own.

This is much more than the average photo shoot…

It’s a sacred and transformational experience, capturing your true beauty, the essence of your being and everything that makes you feel your most sensual and devoted to self.

because…devotion to yourself is so sexy.

I’m interested in what lives in between the words. I feel that this is where the truth lives. I work in collaboration with you to create art that expresses the truth of you. The seen and the unseen. The known and the unknown. We take something that may be difficult to articulate with words and create visual poetry.

Your photo session becomes an experience of marking a moment that matters. You’re creating powerful evidence of what lives underneath the surface of your everyday life. The breath, the heartbeat, the dreams, wishes and desires. Your intentions. The experience of being inside your being. Present…which is something that often gets lost in our day to day hustle.



Your photo session is custom designed just for you.

It’s about what is happening for you and what you wish to create evidence of right now.

It could be a documentation of your sensual being and how the light wraps itself around the curves of your shoulders and hips.

It could be a session that marks the end of a chapter in your life and the beginning of another.

It could be a surprise for your partner. ( or WITH your partner. )

This could be a gift to yourself exploring something deeper and more sacred than a headshot, a boudoir session or a typical portrait session.



I can choose a session for just 1 day or have a full weekend experience.

email to learn more.


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“Catherine makes beauty-sensual and pared down. Courageous. Some of my most transcendent creative moments have been in front of her lens.” - Danielle Laporte