Capturing Breath : The Hotel Room Sessions



Meet me in a luxury hotel room in Paris.

This is much more than the average photo shoot…

It’s a sacred and transformational experience, capturing your true beauty,

the essence of your being and everything that makes you feel your most sensual and devoted to self. devotion to yourself is so sexy.

Your photo session becomes an experience of marking a moment that matters. You’re creating powerful evidence of your internal landscape.



We are all recovering from something.

No matter how successful, wealthy, happy, joyfilled we are.

This photo session is seeped inside your own personal intention for what’s next in your life.

Sinking into yourself. Your purpose on the planet.Embracing who you are exactly how you are. Seeing yourself through a new lens.

Our photo session is custom designed just for you.

This is a luxurious, opulent, sacred experience.



We meet in a hotel room in Paris or in any city of your dreams including the one you live in.

You’ll have professional hair and make up all while you’re sipping your favorite drink, eating the best chocolate, listening to your favorite playlist and experiencing the most comfortable and meaningful photo session you’ve ever had in your life. Catherine will use a mix of her 4x5 large format camera and black and white film. Long exposures to capture your breath, heartbeat, dreams wishes and desires on film. Alongside Polaroid and other vintage film cameras.

A custom hand stitched leather album or fine art prints can be made. Sacred objects that hold the memory of this time in your life.

Contact Catherine to pick the right date for your photo session. There are 12 spots per year and they fill quickly. Email Catherine at

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Catherine makes beauty-sensual and pared down. Courageous. Some of my most transcendent creative moments have been in front of her lens. - Danielle Laporte