Just Peetchy Wedding!

Hello Peetchy Family!

It was so emotional to experience each of you sit in front of my camera while I captured your breath, heartbeat, dreams, wishes and desires on that piece of film during this glorious Wedding Week! Grateful to each of you for participating in this and giving Makenna and Chris unique one of a kind memories.

And… I have Prints - framed or unframed - available for YOU!

  • If you go with the Framed option my personal suggestion is a black frame, white frame or walnut wood frame. Floating without a mat. The pricing reflects this option. Once you select and pay for a framed print we can talk about which of those options you’d like. If you already know what kind of frame you’d like, please let me know when you order.

  • If you’d like it matted or a different type of frame let me know. Happy to do custom framing for you specific to your aesthetic taste. Pricing will differ.

Any questions? email me at support@catherinejust.com



unframed $280

framed $480


unframed $350

framed $550


unframed $875

framed $1200


unframed $1250

framed $1700


Chris and Makenna


Grandma Irene

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