Coming soon. The Max Harrison Foundation is a Hub where photographers volunteer their time to teach children with Down syndrome how to use a camera for self expression. Classes, day trips, workshops, camp and other learning experiences will be offered. Each child will have their work printed and professionally framed and shown in a gallery setting with opening nights and celebration days. All encouraging our culture to examine our stereotypes and shift from a space of limiting beliefs to a place of seeing and experiencing that each individual is valuable and has a unique point of view.

If you're a photographer and a dear soul who is interested in being a part of this foundation as a volunteer instructor, please email us at

If you're a dear soul with skills in Admin, Project Management, non-profits, foundations, organizational skills or you're just wanting to help in some way, please email us at

If you want to support the Max Harrison Foundation by donating cameras, iPhones, printers, frames, matting, space for classes, gallery space, or donate funds to run the foundation, please email us at

Thank you for all of you that help me raise my son Max Harrison and help him live his best life ever. He is the inspiration that drives this idea and the spark that shows me that it is possible to love wider and deeper than any ocean or galaxy.