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“As usual, you get The Shot. And not just one, but many. I love how you see, I love how you see me, and I love what we make together. If you’ve got the film and the batteries, I’ll keep showing up.” —Danielle LaPorte

The Deepening LA workshop got started last night. I'm looking forward to seeing what they created last night and this morning. I feel honored to hold space for the amazing women who are gathered together with me. Each bringing such incredible stories and insights to their photography. This is a little altar in the middle of our circle. Yes, it's a photo workshop. But it's infused with a whole lotta soul. P.S. If you're feeling ready to create new work and learn my techniques for making visual poetry, join us next month. The Link is in my profile.
We woke up, he leaned over the bed and pointed at the yoga mat that's next to the bed. I said " yoga? Do you want to do yoga?" Ha said " yea " and crawled out of bed and onto the mat. I got the computer and turned on @tommyrosen and his #kundalini yoga video. I sat on the mat. Max got into my lap and crossed his legs, put his hands in prayer position on his heart, took a deep breath in and started chanting " Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo " with @tommyrosen and me. There might be moments of overwhelm and stress during my day, this is not one of them. Thank you @carrieannemoss for introducing me to kundalini yoga, and @tommyrosen for this @recovery2point0 program. These moments heal both of us. I know I've shared about this before. I think I'm still so amazed by my son's interest in yoga after watching me do it every morning ( almost ) for the last 2-3 months or so. The cuddling and love that happens during this yoga practice is such a gift. It all opens my heart wide and reminds me of the truth. #satnam
From this weekends photo project adventure using @impossible_hq #polaroid film with my sx-70 Polaroid camera. Long exposure. Self-portrait. Natural light from the window. Backdrop is a dark green throw blanket that I taped to the wall because I got in a fight with my dark gray seamless paper roll. I lost. Gotta just keep on making the work in whatever way works. Blanket as a backdrop? Why not. Stack of books as a tripod. Yes and thank you. House turned upside down with art making materials everywhere? But of course. This photo looks nothing like what's happening all around it. It makes me like this photo even more. I love how the camera sees things in a split second that my eyes can't see. This image will be part of the "Learning how to breathe" series. It literally makes me pause and take a breath.
Self portrait with @impossible_hq #polaroid film. Long exposure. Natural light from the window. Dress is a vintage embroidered dress I used to wear with combat boots when I lived in Minneapolis. @haasanthony, @brokepoem or @amymez Might actually remember it if they saw it...Although it was so long ago. I was 20 years old. I Had a motorcycle. 2 nose rings. No tattoos which still surprises people. I'm so glad this is one piece of clothing I've saved along the way. I'm wearing it a lot in this new body of work. It's amazing the memories that flood my mind when I put it on. My art making isn't much different today than it was back then. But it feels like a coming home in a way. Back to the places in me that I had tucked a way for a while. I'm so excited to share this process with the participants of my #deepeningla workshop this weekend! I have no idea if this image will make it through the editing process, but it's so important to just get it all out of me. No censoring. Which can be a challenge if I'm future tripping about a gallery show or what "they" will think. Back to being in the moment and taking action. Making the work. Releasing the need for every image to be perfect. I must have created over 40 Polaroids this weekend. I may only print 1-2 of them. That's just how my process is. Sometimes I plan it out, other times I just go with it. Either way the process moves me in unexpected directions. I love creating something out of nothing.
My current view. Reminds me of the 3 year photo project I did of Max's nap time. But these feet of his are huge now! I can't believe he's 6 years old. Unfortunately my little ( big ) dude is home sick... It's been a 3 week illness that keeps changing and lingering. Poor guy. It's been going around. Luckily I only had it for 4 days. Knock on something, quick! I'm grateful to my new assistant who has everything under control as much as possible inside the virtual part of my business. I feel extremely lucky that I get to stay home with him and that I work from home. I'm not really a single parent ... Her support makes it even more clear to me that I have a community of people helping me raise Max. I am not alone. It Includes those friends who live far away and Skype with me about the adventures we are in with our kids and motherhood. I'd love to expand the circle even wider, and closer in. I suppose I just sent it out to the universe... Through social media! And so it is. Send healing vibes his way, and a circle of other mama friends in LA my way please and thank you! So my question for today is, how do you juggle being all the roles you play in your life? For me it's about permission to not be perfect, find the areas that need decluttering in every area of my life ( including the clutter in my thoughts ) and strip it down to only what's really valuable and precious. I usually don't notice this extra clutter until a sickness or unexpected events happen that show me where things are clogged. Clearing it out helps me manage the seemingly unmanageable moments. You?