Photo Sessions

I show up with a singular purpose:

To offer you the opportunity to be seen in all of your greatness. I see and connect with your true essence through the lens. I love how the light hits your soul. I know when we get together that I'll be able to connect and bring the best out of you and capture that on camera for you to witness yourself at your highest vibration. I don't work off a list of images that you bring to me for your website. I also don't have one that I use as a guide. This is a collaborative art process that involves being fully present to the moments that matter. That can't be forced, rehearsed or planned. We turn on music. We sip green juice. We talk, laugh, dance and allow images to emerge.  I don't have a guarantee of a particular amount of photos that you will receive. That's what being in the present moment is all about. I give dozens of images. Images will shared electronically within 2-3 weeks.

What to expect:

  • Expect to have fun.
  • Your favorite music playing
  • A down to earth very approachable team all there to help you feel supported and seen in your best light.
  • Green juice. Lunch by Kreation Cafe. Ice Cream from Kippy's Vegan Ice cream. Coffee, tea and water. Scrumptious decadent snack food and chocolate of course.
  • Time to become grounded in your body and in my studio space and comfortable enough to let loose and feel free to be yourself.
  • Conversation, laughter, dancing ( yes... we all sing and dance during the photo session )
  • Expect to feel beautiful, seen and more comfortable in front of the camera than you've ever been in your life.
  • Expect all of us to trust in the process. We don't work with lists, specific poses and the same old photos you see on every other website or sales page.
  • Expect to be taken care of from the minute you walk in to the day your photos are delivered.
  • Expect to experiment, try things you wouldn't have otherwise considered and be part of an artistic experience that involves all of us being fully present.
  • Expect the unexpected. Expect creativity and connection. Expect to have an unforgettable experience and photos that will take you to the next level.


Carrie Anne Moss - Actress - New York City

Carrie Anne Moss - Actress - New York City

How to book a session.. what's included... the details:

This is your elevation, baby.

I've noticed a gap in this industry. People come in for a big photo session and they uplevel their businesses with the photos we create together. The business grows and new products, books, launches are happening and clients don't have new images to reflect the new offerings. Clients change their hair style. Moved into a new side project. You get what I mean. I've created a way for my clients to have a way to bridge that gap.

You can hire me to do the big photo session. Massive collection of images to uplevel and share your offerings to the world.


up to 6 hours of time in a photography studio

natural light and studio lighting

professional hair and make up team

photography assistant double checking me

green juice, organic lunch from Kreation in Santa Monica or the best version of this in your city if I come to you.

as many looks as we can do in our session. it usually works out to about 5-6

hundreds of images uploaded for you within 2 weeks. currently using Dropbox.

and you get to hear me sing and dance. bonus!


after your big session with me you get access to me again within 15 months.

a second photo session for the new offerings, your book, new hairstyle, big launch etc.

This is a shorter and to the point photo session. 2 hours, you and me, my team in the studio.

again, hundreds of photos. uploaded to Dropbox within 2 weeks.


I only book 10 sessions per year and they fill up fast. If you are ready to take your business to the next level book now to ensure you have a spot for 2017.


Makenna Johnston, Valbonne France.

Makenna Johnston, Valbonne France.

The 2 session offer became a reality after watching countless clients needing new images within 15 months or so. One of these clients is Makenna Johnston. We do photo sessions about every 6 months now as she is growing and shifting at such a rate that it's absolutely necessary to express the vibe, energy and concept of what's new. Her last website was filled with images we took during a 6 hour session with me. Sure enough...her business grew,  her hair style changed, her focus shifted and she needed new images.

Here's what she has to say:

To be frank? There are no words that truly do the magic of Catherine's work justice. To say she sees people in all their beauty is like saying the moon moves the sea.

Catherine's work is transcendent. She's an artist. Not a portrait photographer. Her mission is to see your essence, and to capture it in all of it's beauty. For two years I've trusted her with my voice and my soul in her lens, and those two years have turned my business into the one I see today.

She sees me, and in seeing me, I see myself. All of me. All of the potential, the joy, the movement, the raw energy.

She's a soul alchemist. Her medium is photography. Hire her. You will not be disappointed.