Portraits Party

I know you know that I create photos of incredibly talented, high vibration, glowing beams of light people.

love what I do. I love looking through my lens and seeing how the light oozes from their eyes and their souls. It moves me. But more importantly, it helps them.


Because first impressions matter. Authenticity matters. Like it or not, we are living in a visual world where people make decisions with a click or a swipe. Of course I know how to use a camera to create beautiful photos. A lot of people do.

I have the big lenses and the fancy cameras and the degree in photography and almost 30 years of experience - but what is really important to me is that my clients feel safe to open up and feel like they can truly be themselves in front of that lens. What's important is that these images express who my clients truly are. That their images showcase their essence, their unique and valuable energy and soul so that we can really see them and know them and feel them from just a photograph.

I've worked with creative luminaries like Danielle LaPorte, Justine Musk and actress Carrie Anne Moss as well as entrepreneurs and visionaries like Eric and Julie Handler of Positively Positive, Makenna Johnston and Durga Holzhauser. We are all creative and luminous beings and I want to capture that for the world to see. It's your turn to get in front of the lens. Who you are and what you do is valuable. I want to help you be seen. And not just seen.....Celebrated.

What do you wish you could create with me right now that would make your heart sing?


Your new record album needs artwork and portraits ( Yep, I'm old school ) :: Promo material for your bands show at the Viper Room ::

You're launching a lifestyle website and need images to showcase the energy of your offerings :: social media content ::

Your website :: your new product or offering :: your book that's about to go to the publisher :: a new dating site profile photo ::

Next Portraits Party date TBD

There will be eight spots available.

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I require a $225 deposit, but payment plans are available upon request. You can email me at support@catherinejust.com to work out payment plan details.

** I do not give refunds unless someone else books your spot. Please be aware of this policy before booking **