Provence in the Fall

October 20-25, 2019


- You may or may not consider yourself an artist, but you crave making it and you're not right now. Not in the way you desire. You want TIME. SPACE. INSPIRATION. PERMISSION.

- When I imagine my retreats this is what I see :: I'm in a gorgeous inspiring place in the world. A place that isn't just down the street. It's outside my own day to day and yours. It's a place that excites me. It opens up my senses and I'm breathing in the language, the food, the architecture, the culture, the way of the people who live there, the landscape, the energy of the place and the light. It all moves me. Just being there is transformative. But I've gone there specifically to make my work and to be with myself more deeply. To gift myself the time and space to make and take it all in. all the way down to my bones. I imagine having people join me that crave the same. They want to be with me because they love my work and we are like-minded in some way that matters. We spend our days making our work...together or alone...we have meals together that turn us on and then we share our work. I give feedback and support. We connect deeply. We've stripped away the rest of the bullshit of our lives or whatever it is that's stagnant and we've lit back up again - OR we've become even MORE expansive and turned on then we already were before we showed up. The stuck places have been shaken off. The resistence to

- Come spend 5 nights and 6 days in enchanted Provence with me! Give yourself the gift of time and space. Spend quality time with your project. Make lots of progress without feeling rushed.

You’ll have a shared or single occupancy bedroom in a historic 200 year old home, delicious meals, daily deepening art classes, and trips to Valbonne, Antibes, a Day spa, an hour long massage, an incredible meal/experience at a Michelin Restaurant ( Paloma ), another meal prepared for us next door at Julia Child's Summer home, and long expanses of time. Time to make your art, read, write, allow your ideas to marinate while you soak in Provence, nap, swim, refresh. Feedback daily from me about your projects. You’ll leave this retreat feeling inspired and recharged!



How Much : $3800 USD for a shared room. $4800 for a private room.

Included : Absolutely everything but airfare, extra alcohol & personal snacks, and personal shopping.

Your payment includes everything listed below:

— 5 nights accommodation. Private or shared bedroom in a spacious, gorgeous house that you won't want to leave ( believe me, I've been there I don't like leaving )

— 5 morning meditation + future writing sessions. Wake up and set your intention for your day with a morning meditation followed by future writing.

— Breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Includes 1 meal prepared by the Cooking School at Julia Child's Home next door and a meal at Paloma.

— Deepening Art Classes. Inspiring art classes every day, followed by 4 hours of independent time to work on your project.

— Afternoon Adventures. We'll visit the enchanted village of Valbonne, go to a luxurious Spa, a farmers Market, Antibes, etc.

— A full-body massage. 60-minute massage at the Luxury Spa.

— Airport pick-up and drop-off,  Just get yourself to The Nice Airport on Sunday October 21st by 5pm. We’ll either pay for an uber, or have a driver waiting for you depending on the time you arrive. The Retreat house will be open at 1pm so you can come and settle in. We will gather at 6pm for dinner at the house. ** My recommendation... Fly in on Friday or Saturday and stay in a hotel and enjoy Provence and get through Jet lag... Then meet us at the house by 5pm Sunday..we can come get you at the Nice airport or a hotel or airbnb along the route from the airport to the house.**

— You'll be surrounded by beauty. Fresh flowers by your bed and extra thoughtful treats from me to you to make your stay even more glorious.

— 2 Live Zoom calls with the group after the retreat ends. Keep the creativity and momentum alive… even after you leave the island.


I have 6 spots available. 4 double occupancy and 2 single occupancy rooms

A $1000 USD deposit is required to secure your spot.

Cancellation Policy : Due to the involved logistics, we offer no cancellations or refunds unless you can find someone to take your place. Please know you can make it before booking. We strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance to cover the retreat in the event of unforeseen events in your personal life like unexpected death, illness, divorce, or pregnancy as well as in the world such as strikes, cancellations, missed flights, natural disasters, and other events.