PASSWORD medicine ( all lowercase )

Here is the first in a series of content from my Self Portraiture as Medicine eCourse for FREE just to thank you for being a part of my email community.
If you want to do the lesson I share, since the private facebook group is only for the folks inside the course, you can post your version of both of these on IG you can use the hashtag #selfportraitureasmedicine and TAG ME @cjust so I can find it and we can all see what's happening. I won't be giving feedback on your images because that's reserved for the participants in the eCourse, but you can connect with others posting with the hashtag and I'll be around to cheer you on!

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Here is the second of three free videos I'm sharing from inside my Self Portraiture as Medicine Course. ( If you haven't already - view the first video above as well )

PASSWORD :: medicine ( lowercase )

This is from Day 9 of the course and we talk about secrets and how to incorporate them into our work in a way that helps us create more meaningful work for OURSELVES and as a result the viewer can feel the depth of it without really needing to know all of the details.

As you can see I talk to the participants about how inspired I am about their work from the previous days - I thought about editing this for you - but I wanted you to see that inside the FB group - alot is happening that adds a richness to the process.


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The 3rd and final video from my Self Portraiture as Medicine FREE content gift extravaganza.

the Password is medicine ( all lowercase )

I speak about Metaphor, Symbolism and how objects play a very important roll in my work and the artists that influenced me along the way.

If you want to try this process and post to IG , use the hashtag #selfportraitureasmedicine and tag me @cjust so I can find you! I won't give feedback because that's reserved for the participants in the course - but you will find a tribe of amazing artists all creating self portraits and that is a lot of learning right there to see how other people create from the same prompt.


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