Meet me in a gorgeous hotel room. Strip down to whatever you feel comfortable with. Put on something sexy, sensual, yummy. Or not. I grab my Polaroid camera and whatever other camera I feel like using and we make delicious images happen together. You're alone or with your partner/lover/whatever. It's not boudoir and it's not porn. It's YOU. It's your essence, your sensuality, your energy. It's the truth. Told from this angle. I carefully observe how the light is wrapping itself around your gorgeous being and glowing from your inside out. It's playful and fun. It's your favorite playlist of music, decadent chocolate and fruit, connection between us and with yourself. You and You.

And darling... you... are... sexy....

It's up to 2 hours with me. You receive whatever we create together in a dropbox folder inside 2 weeks.

My pricing for my usual full day photo sessions is $5000 - $6000.

These sexy sessions are $1800.00 ( hotel room is included )

I have 10 sessions available. ( ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT! )

It's $500 to secure your spot with me. You can schedule that session inside 6 months.

And YES I do all sorts of payment plans for the remaining balance....just ASK ME!

When you pay the deposit during Labor Day Weekend, I'm gifting you an extra hour with me in the hotel room! Now THAT is SEXY!!!

Click HERE for a Hotel Session!