Catherine Just is an artist, photographer and activist based in Los Angeles, California. Her photography work has been published on the cover of National Geographic Magazine, inside O Magazine, Photo District News Magazine and shown in galleries internationally. She’s known for her love of the 4x5 large format film camera and her Capturing Breath on Film project. Capturing the breath, heartbeat, dreams, wishes and desires on that one piece of film. Her long exposure work is incorporated inside of all of her signature offerings and her own personal work as she explores what lives in-between the words. Catherine believes that this is where the truth lives. Her photo sessions combine sacred practice and marking moments that matter. She creates evidence of what’s unseen and not always easy to articulate in words. Visual Poetry.

Catherine’s current projects include the development of the Max Harrison Foundation, a program teaching kids with Down syndrome how to use cameras for self expression. She is devoted to educating the planet that people who have Down syndrome are much more than a diagnosis and are unique and valuable individuals that each have their own point of view to share with the world.

Catherine’s also working on a Book of photographs and interviews with celebrated musicians, actors, directors, etc… who are sober from a drug and alcohol addiction. Catherine got sober at 18 years old from a crystal meth addiction and has 32 years of sobriety. This book is in service to the addict who still suffers who could use some evidence that life is worth living over here in recovery.

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“Catherine makes beauty - sensual and pared down. Courageous. Some of my most transcendent creative moments have been in front of her lens.” - Danielle Laporte

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