I am so excited to announce this collaboration with the talented and exquisite Alisa Barry!

But what is it?!

When we started talking about the idea of collaboration we realized that this wasn't just about putting on a meaningful wasn't about pushing, hustling, controlling, perfectionism, fear of failure and what comes up when you try so hard to avoid imposter complex...that we couldn't survive it if all this was... was a weekend around something outside of ourselves and trying to prove something to ourselves and to you. We realized that devotion to ourselves, to each other, to our individual expression in the world, to our friendship and to what's truest in our hearts and feels like ease would lead the way. LOVE is leading the way. We are D E V O T E D to this experience and expression. We are intentional in our own lives and that intention is deeply rooted in being open to experience life as if our senses were making love with every aspect.

Both of us are devoted to the practice of marking the moments that matter. Whether it's with a Camera or Ink to Paper.

We want you to experience this with us.

This is an opportunity to mark a moment in your own life. To set your intention on what matters most.


Friday night : pop up Art Show

location: Bella Cucina

when : 6- 9pm

Saturday : devotional art event.

location : Bella Cucina

when : 9 - 4pm


But WHAT IS this Devotional Art event?!

It's 1 hour with both of us as you Mark a Moment in your life that matters. This moment right now. I'll be doing "Capturing Breath on Film" but with a twist. I'm using my Polaroid camera this time. Not the usual 4x5 camera. I'm capturing your breath, heartbeat, dreams, wishes and desires on Polaroids that you can take with you. Original Art. A Power Object. A Reminder of what's true..  ( I usually don't hand over original artwork.... ) Alisa will be capturing your essence though her incredible one of a kind ink drawings on paper. A talisman treasure. A symbol of  D E V O T I O N  to yourself.

This is a Unique Opportunity.

We only have 10 spots available.

I usually charge $333 to be involved in my Capturing Breath Project. Alisa's original pieces sells for hundreds of dollars.

For this event we are booking sessions with BOTH Of us at $497. Yep.

This is going to sell out. We already have people waiting for this page to go "live" so they can book their sessions.

If you want the link now before these spots are gone.



Who are we?

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Alisa Barry :: artist, author + entrepreneur :: Creator of Oprah “O” list lifestyle brand  @shopbellacucina   @alisabarry

believe in beauty :: eat good food :: live life as ART

Catherine Just :: artist, filmmaker, advocate + entrepreneur :: Creator of Capturing Breath on Film project, Self Portraiture as Medicine, Into the Deep courses, Immersive art retreats around the world. Founder:: Max Harrison Foundation. @cjust