Capturing Breath on Film


This project started August, 2016. It has evolved from a 1 year personal project to becoming a life long exploration. Capturing the Pulse of the planet.

On August 18th, 2016 I celebrated 29 years of continuous sobriety. Some might call this Recovery... I like to call it 29 years of Discovery.

This date not only marks the accumulation of many days without any mood altering substances, it also marks the beginning of my 30th year. It felt important to “mark” this in some way through my photographs and my love of capturing the unseen. I decided to combine self portraiture along side portraits of anyone else interested in marking a moment that felt important to them. A collective prayer.

When I first got sober, it was suggested to do "30 in 30".  That's 30 AA meetings in 30 days. It helps create a new habit. It gets you in the "middle of the boat".

My project started as a metaphoric "30 in 30" by offering 30 photo session events in 30 cities.
This project has been on the road now for 3 years. It started August 18th, 2016 in Paris, France. As I made my way through this project in various countries and cities It has naturally evolved.

It’s no longer about my own sobriety. It’s about the collective and what we all have in common. We all have a heart that’s beating, we all breathe and we all have dreams, wishes and desires. I open the shutter for longer than a 60th of a second ( which is a typical setting for most photographs that you see in the world. ) By opening the shutter and allowing the film to capture you for a much longer amount of time - more of what we cannot see with our own eyes is revealed all while you focus your attention.. not on creating the perfect and pretty portrait…but on yourself.. eyes closed.. shifting your attention on what matters to you most. I feel that the film captures the thoughts on that piece of film. What you intend, what you’re releasing. What you’re calling in. What chapter you’re closing and what door you’re opening next. It’s the elements in the room. The energy that lives inside of you, the room, the city, the country, the air, the light and whatever else we cannot necessarily feel, but we have a sense that it exists.

I use my 4x5 large format camera and New 55 film. I create a “bookpod” instead of using a tripod which includes books that have been important in your life, in your spiritual and personal growth or have some personal meaning for you. Not having the camera secure on a tripod means it will inevitably move when I take your photographs. This is all a part of the process for me. A letting go of control. Allowing the experience to be more than creating a technically perfect image. Letting the elements, the movement, the energy, the film, the light, etc .. to show up and have a “say” in the matter.

This experience connects my own spiritual practice ( I studied and apprenticed with Miguel Ruiz who wrote the 4 Agreements ) and have a Toltec Practice that’s incorporated in everything I do. I have the experience of seeing my version of God when I look through the lens. My intention is to provide opportunity for you to have an experience that’s as deeply meaningful for you as it is for me.

Capturing Breath on Film :: Tour Locations from 2016 - Present

If you'd like to be a part of this project we can work together to gather a group of people in your city to help cover travel and film costs or you can join my mailing list to find out where I’m traveling and set up a session with me there.

 2016 - present:

  1. Paris, France :: August 16th, :: Private session with Danielle Laporte

  2. Paris, France :: August 18th :: Come join us in Paris for photography and CAKE to celebrate the beginning of the project and my 29th year of sobriety. (If you are in Paris August 18-30th and want to be a part of this project, email me as I am scheduling individual sessions through out the month

  3. Cannes, France :: September 7th :: at Julia Child's Summer home.

  4. Valbonne, France :: October 6th :: at Julia Child's Summer home.

  5. Rome, Italy :: Sept 9 :: This is a private event with Michele Della Guardia

  6. San Diego, CA :: October 25th :: Hosted by Charmaine Haworth

  7. Los Angeles, CA::November 13:: Hosted by Nicole Montez

  8. Marrakech, Morocco :: December :: Marrakech Film Festival. Click HERE for Images from this Project

  9. Paris, France :: January 2-3rd :: Private sessions.

  10. Seattle, WA:: February 11th:: Hosted by Deb Achak

  11. Vancouver, BC, CANADA :: March 25th :: Hosted by Danielle Laport

  12. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca :: Saturday April 8th :: Private session with Caitlin Padgett

  13. Oaxaca city, Oaxaca :: Private Sessions with Caitlin Padgett and Special Guests

  14. Sedona, AZ :: April:: with HeatherAsh Amara

  15. Boston, MA:: May 13-14th :: Hosted by Sam Hiser ( Creator of New 55 film ) ...I also have 5 spots for photo sessions May 15-18th (branding or Boudoir etc)

  16. NYC, NY :: May 20-21 :: Kelly Beck... I also have 5 spots open for 1:1 photo sessions, May 22-29

  17. Mexico City :: Saturday, May 27th :: Private sessions with Caitlin Padgett and Rodrigo Garciarroyo

  18. Teotihucan, Mexico :: with HeatherAsh Amara June 22 - July 8th

  19. Paris, France :: November 9-12th, 2017

  20. Marseille, France :: June 2018

  21. Arles, France :: June 2018

  22. Laurel Canyon, California :: Various dates :: September 2017 - Present

Coming up in 2019:

I’ll be in France in March, May, end of September through October.

I’ll be visiting London for a weekend at the end of March or May - dates still being worked out.

Contact me at if you’re interested in being a part of this project.

I’ve also started Capturing Breath: The Deepening Sessions which combine this process with a more sensual element.

You can learn more about those sessions HERE.



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Capturing Breath On Film | Vancouver
What an amazing day with this Beauty @cjust and her 4 x 5 large format camera - the Beast - this past weekend @daniellelaporte's art studio. Catherine has been a major inspiration in my creative journey ever since connecting with her work and participating in her conceptual photography projects over the past couple of years. I feel incredibly grateful to finally have met Catherine in person and to participate in her Vancouver session of Capturing Breath on Film..."mark the moment in your life with your breath, your heart beat and thoughts captured on a single piece of film" C. Just.

The day long gathering began with reflecting on an idea or word and then setting an intention on what we felt connected to and the essence of ourself we wanted captured in the photo. During the introduction period there was open heart story telling and discussion, laughter and a few tears shared. Afterwards, we participated in a cleansing ritual and as each participant was working with Catherine, the other beautiful and brave ladies @alyssaburtt @kerstinmartin @sandiamorim @lerinalta @taraleduc @supercouplecoach @reginaviars connected and chatted over many cups of hot tea and, at other times, settled into solitary moments to write, or simply observe and reflect on the experience of witnessing a single breath captured on film.
It was a beautiful day that will forever be imprinted on my heart.

_ Jennifer Welch

A great capture by @reginaviars from @cjust's Capturing Breath on Film workshop on Saturday. It was such a pleasure to hang out and be in Catherine's creative energy among seven other inspiring women for a day of transformational art making. Catherine does the photography for a lot of my clients, we've been accidental collaborators for about two years now and it was such a pleasure to meet her in person. For this project, she is traveling with her medium format camera, holding up the lens to luminous souls capturing a few moments of their breath with a long exposure as they meditate on their intentions and desires at this exact moment in their lives. I am inspired by Catherine's vision and how she moves through the world, leaving a trail of light in her path. Check out her work, she may be coming to a city near you 💜 📷@reginaviars    - Alyssa B.

Melanie : Julia Child's House : France : 6 October, 2016

Melanie : Julia Child's House : France : 6 October, 2016

Carrie Anne : Rue de Bretagne, Paris, France, 30 Sept. 2016

Carrie Anne : Rue de Bretagne, Paris, France, 30 Sept. 2016