The Chorus in the Heart + Capturing the Breath on Film

I just landed back in Los Angeles after living in France for the last 3 months. I've been sending you all updates through my Instagram feed and Facebook. If you haven't checked it out and want to get a taste you can take a peek HERE.

I've been getting a lot of private messages asking me about HOW I was able to create this life I'm currently living:
ie: How I'm able to travel for 3 months in France and make my art, teach workshops, and do photo sessions while being a divorced (with primary custody) of a child with Down syndrome. And how I will be able to live this next year continuing to travel, make my art and do photo sessions and workshops around the world.
I've been asked about how to do Future Writing, How to plan a year long adventure like this, How to figure out the financials around something like this, etc.
If you're one of the people out there who has been watching me and dreaming of doing something similar ( or creating a bigger life in some way than you've currently been living )  I've decided to create something just for you.

The Chorus in the Heart Mentoring Sessions and Workshops

I'm opening up 5 1:1 Chorus in the Heart Mentoring Sessions ( there are only 2 remaining spots! ).  I share with you how I learned to listen to what made my own heart sing inside an expansive, devoted life I love. I'll give you the tools I use....we sit down ( on skype ) with your vision or I'll help you carve the beginnings of one out and share how you can take action steps right now to create a life you truly love. It's a 2 hour session for just $250. ( I usually charge $250 for 1 hour! ) You will be doing the steps with me during the session.. It's not just a note taking 2 hours with me. This is hands on let's get to it adventure. ( After these spots are booked the sessions will be $550 when and IF I am able to fit them in! )

Book right HERE so we can schedule this before these spots fill up.

Because of my travel schedule it is a limited amount of openings and a limited time that I can offer this so if this calls to you please act fast so you don't miss the opportunity.

p.s. It doesn't have to be a trip to France or traveling at all. This is about YOU and authentic full expression in your life. One gal realized that what she wanted was to teach kids art and to live in a different town than she was currently living in. Another wants to own that she is an artist and live as a working artist right now. And another is wanting to create a space for holding workshops, art classes, catered events, raise chickens, eat farm to table, etc. It's about breathing life into your future now and coming up with tools to help you get there.


If you're in the Los Angeles area on Nov. 12th I'm holding a Chorus in the Heart 1 day workshop to teach you all the things I've done, but rather than 1:1 it will be in a small group setting.

WHEN: Saturday, November 12th.
WHERE: The gorgeous home of Nicole Montez who has gone through this process with me. ( address given once your space is booked )
WHAT: I'll take you through the exact same things I do with participants of my photography workshops that specifically touch on the tools I use to create the future life that fits my dreams and how to infuse that into my art practice.
9:30 meet and greet time. with woodboard love, coffee and tea.
10am: share my story and how I got to this current life I'm living and what tools I've used.
10:30: Practice future writing.
11:00: Share on Future writing ( you don't have to share if you don't want to )
11:30: Practice reverse engineering
12:00: Share on our Reverse Engineering and get feedback and suggestions from me.
12:30 Break for Lunch
1:30: Share my art practice as it relates to this way of living.
2pm - 4pm: Create:: Photography, art, writing, etc. Whatever your medium of choice is.
4:00: snack break
4:30: Share
5:30: end
TIME: 9:30am - 5:30 pm

INVESTMENT: $250 for this all day event
There are 10 spaces available. ( there are 7 spaces left! ) If you are interested you can book your spot HERE.

If you want to join us the very next day, I'm holding my Capturing Breath on Film Project at the same location!

The investment is just $333 (with 3 payments of $111) for the Sunday event only.

If you sign up for BOTH at the same time I'm giving you $100 off!

Here is the LINK if you'd like to sign up for both events at the same time.

It's just $250 to hold BOTH spots and your second payment isn't due for another month!

Questions? CLICK HERE to email us and my project manager, Katie will be able to answer any of your questions.

If you happen to be in San Diego this Tuesday, October 25th, I still have 2 spots open for the Capturing Breath on Film Project.

Click HERE for more info and to grab a spot.



A little conversation about the Capturing Breath on Film Experience with PJ Desrochers.

I'm looking so forward to creating sacred space for you to move into your intentions

Whether it be with the mentoring sessions, the 1 day workshop on manifesting the future in the present - or the Capturing Breath on Film experience.

Questions? email me HERE.

I'm sending you SO. MUCH. LOVE from Paris and soon from San Diego and Los Angeles!!