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Workshop #1 :: Building Confidence while actualizing your Dreams



It's amazing what happens when you allow yourself to collaborate with others, speak the truth about the dreams you have for your future ( near future or far off ) of your entrepreneurial / career / life / art goals and desires. When your actions start to create a ripple effect that all comes back to you as dreams actualized. It's as if the universe hears you and believes you and swoops in and opens portals and doorways you didn't know about...( but you kind of knew about ). You feel it in your bones when you're on the right path and it's all coming together.


That's been happening a lot lately for me and I want to share the what, when, how with you so you can experience more of it along with me.


I've decided to offer a LIVE 3 hour Workshop on Zoom ( zoom is a live video conferencing platform you can use from your computer )

We will all be on Video together ( unless you prefer to be there, but not be on video..which is totally ok with me! ... but I will be live and seen in real time.

I'll be sharing tools I've used to dream BIG and Actualized those dreams. What to do when fear is present and how to keep taking action even when you have resistance. How to handle your own inner critic and ways to reverse engineer all of it so it's broken down in tiny steps that are actionable, measurable and attainable.


Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.25.46 AM.png


WHEN: Tuesday, March 20th, 9am-12:00pm Pacific time.


  • 9:00 - 9:30am Introductions ( including my own )
  • 9:00-10:00am Dreaming the Big Dream and the steps to get there... Dealing with your own upper limits of what you think is possible for yourself and how I personally broke free of my own * illusion* of limitations ( and continue to )... You'll need a journal and pen for this live exercise we will be doing together. ( Future writing and reverse engineering, etc .. )
  • 10:00-10:15am Break
  • 10:15-11:00am Handling your Inner Critic. How to keep going when you're getting eaten alive by internal judgements. Examples and tools on what to do so you don't get in your own way.
  • 11:00-11:15 Break
  • 11:15-12:00pm Handling overwhelm, fear, resistance and more so you feel more confident as you expand your capacity of what you think is possible and start moving in the direction of your bigger dreams.

**All participants will receive a downloadable PDF of the tools I use and resources that I'll be mentioning during the workshop along with a recording of the live workshop to review whenever you need an extra boost.

( If you sign up and can't make it LIVE you'll still receive the downloadable PDF and the video recordings of the workshop. )

This 3 hour live video workshop with me is just $97.00 ( I charge $250 for an hour with me and this is for 3 hours + the PDF + the recorded video call )

It's open to just 25 people.

You can CLICK HERE to secure your spot.

It's time. If you got to the end of this page I know that you have dreams you want actualized...and just need some extra support. I need that for myself as well. These tools helped me beyond measure.

If you'd like to take spend some time with me 1:1 so we can get specific about what it is that you're truly wanting your life and business to look like... I'm opening up 5 mentoring spots with me on Zoom for just $215 ( I'm usually $250 for a mentoring session with me ).

If' you'd like one of these spots CLICK HERE

I can't wait to jump on the computer with you and help support all of you in whatever way I can. 

We are all here to be of service to a higher calling. ( even if we don't really know what that is just yet )

We each help the world heal in some way... even if it's just to help one other person... by putting our work out there.

I'm grateful for all of the teachers, lessons, practices, tools I've had throughout the years and I'm honored to be able to share them with you in this way.




Ready to jump in? Here is the LINK to claim your spot.