Conceptual photography 101 :: Begin Deepening

Your roadmap to deeper photographic expression.

A 10 day online DIY experience.


For the last 31 years, I’ve been creating images that express what’s going on underneath the surface of my daily life. The things that go unsaid. The feelings and internal conversations that never get a chance to come up for air. Instead of looking outside myself for inspiration, I’m turning inward and digging deep. How can I turn my internal reality, this specific pain or joy or question I have into something visual? It’s been an ongoing exploration and something I find so healing and transformative on many levels. It takes the usual forms of photography and deepens it with much more potent content and personal meaning.

Think of this as a taste of the depths That can be reached in photography and your personal growth. * I believe they are one in the same *

Conceptual Photography 101 is a 10-day DIY program.  An email will be delivered straight to your inbox each day for 10 days. The lessons are in video format. You're going to see me telling you the inside secrets of my own work and the process I go through along the way.

I don’t see anything like this offered online and it’s the thing that makes my heart sing the most. It’s been a truly healing component in my life and I would love to share the basics with you so you can explore and create new work infused with more of your internal landscape.

I’ll be sharing the inside layers of my own personal work, why I made the images the way I did, how I made them and the process I go through when I make this work…from idea to image. We will go step by through the exact same process I go through in my own work, so that you can experience it for yourself. By the end you will have created a new images based on an idea or an emotion that comes from your heart. You’ll be creating something from nothing. Instead of looking for the perfect image outside of yourself, you’ll be going inward for the answers. My work happens to have a lot of self-portraiture in it, but you don’t have to rely on self portraiture to create conceptual imagery.

I can't wait to share this process with you.

(In case you are questioning whether you are ready for a course like this :: You don’t need to call yourself a photographer or have a fancy camera to do this work. Your iPhone is just fine. You just need a little bit of curiosity, willingness and interest. )

Details:: What you receive:: The Goodies::

  • A 10 day DIY online course.

  • Daily Photography Lessons are delivered every day for the 10 days.

  • Content is given through prerecorded Videos.

  • An online library of resources to explore other artists that can help you grow.

  • An opportunity to work with me 1:1 with an added 1 hour mentoring session on zoom video. ( Mentoring sessions are normally $350, but when purchased with the course I’m offering a $100 discount. )

This course will be re-released December 1st, 2019.

DIY eCourse is $97.00

on Monday, November 26th, It’s just $47.00 ( over 50% off! ) For Cyber Monday. ( Lucky YOU! )


Frequently asked questions:

When will I receive the emails?

Emails are scheduled to go out every day at 4:30am pacific time. If you don’t receive the email, please check your spam folder, promotions folder and then please email us at so we can fix that!

Is there a Facebook Group or any other online community for this course?

This course is a DIY fully self paced course. While there isn’t a facebook community, I encourage you to post your photographs onto Instagram and tag me @cjust and use the hastag #begindeepening so you can see and connect with others who have taken this course over the last several years and so I can find you and see what you’re up to!

If I sign up for a mentoring session how do I schedule it with you?

You can schedule your 1 hour mentoring session with me HERE. If there isn’t a spot available, please email me at Mentoring sessions are usually scheduled on Wednesdays. Mentoring sessions must be used inside 6 months of purchasing this course.

Can I take this course if I don’t consider myself a photographer?

YES! You don’t need to be a “photographer” or have any prior education in photography to take this course. While I won’t be discussing anything technical, you should have a working understanding of how your camera works enough to be able to create images easily.

How long will I have access to the course content?

You will have access to the content for one fill year.

What is your refund policy?

Because all of the content of the ecourse will be delivered digitally to you, all sales are final. I do not give refunds on mentoring sessions.