Episode 5

Episode 5 is all about how to handle people's negative commentary about your artwork.... The worst thing you can do is allow those judgmental seeds to get planted. It's SO EASY to let the opinions from others sink in and once that happens it can be so difficult to believe in yourself and continue making your work. It's a brave and vulnerable act to create artwork. ( and then to show it to the world....can take you right to your own edges. ) I share 3 personal stories here to show you what happened and the tools I learned that I want you to have in your back pocket.



** Self Portraiture as Medicine is right around the corner and so is my MALIBU RETREAT! Join us!


I mentioned the photographer that I was so moved by early on. It's Francesca Woodman. you can learn more here:




Episode 4

C the G tv Episode 4:: What's in my carry-on Camera bag for International travel

Episode 3

Episode 3 :: What's in my bag :: Prep for an international flight, and why I bring what I bring...

** before you peruse the list below, I want you to know there's only ONE SPOT LEFT in my PARIS Retreat. If you're curious about it click HERE.

Everything I share is listed with hyperlinks below:

Passport :: Is it up to date?

Currency :: get $500 in the currency of the country you're visiting.

2 battery chargers :: this is my iphone battery charger / case

Long cords :: Native Union 10ft cords

iPhone mini squares :: Click here

2-3 credit cards:: Call each of them to tell them your travel dates before you leave!

Dramamine: chewable, orange flavored

Journal : Hand Book Artists Journal

Pens: Stabilo Worker  + Stabilo Pen 68 + Stabilo Pen fine point  

Doterra On Guard oil : For germs

Musk Oil : City Skin Potion

Advil: travel size

Aquaphor : healing lip balm

Altoids: small tin

international outlet plugs : My favorite type are Skross.

raw chocolate: Righteously Raw

Kai lotion: hand cream

Earbuds : Bring 2

Business Cards : Mine were made by a designer, but a great place to make them is Moo.

The Bag: Made with Purpose

If you made it to the bottom of this list and want to know more about my Paris Retreat, Click HERE.



Episode 2

Episode 2 :: Anne Samoilov who teaches Fearless Launching came over with her daughter, Mila. We decided to create this video with the topic on how to be a mommy and an entrepreneur at the same time. You'll see what it's realllllly like behind the scenes as I left it all in for you to see. It's not slick and pretty like my Instagram feed. And I don't even remember what I had planned to say while in the middle of making the video. Why? Because I was split brained trying to pay attention to Max and his needs while it being boiling hot in my house and running a fan ( that you can hear at times in the background ) and turning the AC all the way up and thinking about you all and what would be helpful.

Tip 1: Quality Time with your children without working. This can be difficult for me because when I'm focused on a project and really invested in it...it's hard for me to stop. I find it much like making my artwork. My business is a living, breathing thing that is in constant movement because I give myself permission to change my mind any time I want to. I am like a running faucet of ideas, both in my fine art and with the courses, retreats I offer. Both of my parents had their own businesses and my mom was home most of the time working out of her home office ( our living room ). It was very obvious that I was in the way when she was in the middle of projects and I didn't like how that felt much. So when Max comes around I try my best to stop, take a breath, remember what is truly important and that work is not an emergency...My son is the most important being in my life and I want him to feel that he matters and is valued. I'm not perfect and admit that at times I make him wait will I'm wrapping up something or deep inside a thought process around..... this text for instance...But everything for the most part gets put on hold when Max is home with me. I find it actually gives me room away from my business and my art to allow it to marinate anyway. Life is not on my computer... it's with my son and inside my life!

Tip 2: Going with the Flow. This just means that when I'm in a business it isn't linear in my line of work. It's a rolling upwards and downwards cycle. I have to prepare myself for the lean times and for the abundant times and try my best to practice abundant living no matter what the circumstances. My bank account balance can swing greatly based on my freelance work, eCourses etc. But I am not my bank account balance and I don't have to stop living with joy based on a number. A circumstance inside my business does not define me. It's just what's happening at any moment. Believe me - when I don't go with the flow and I'm in resistence to what is....I suffer much more than when I get on the raft and float with acceptance. The same holds true as a mommy.....believe me on this one. The weaving of the two is not easy, but I am doing what I LOVE while being with the boy I LOVE. win win win win win. again.... Breathing. Incorporating some sort of spiritual practice in the mix helps soothe my anxious mind.

Tip 3: Scheduling time with other mom/entrepreneurs who get what this all means and what it's like and how different it is than entrepreneurs that don't have kids. One thing is for certain... You cannot create in the same way, at the same speed, with the same type of velocity. Not unless you spend a lot less time with your kids and that's not really what we want. Knowing others who get it is relieving. Plus :: Playdates for the kids while we talk "shop" is essential for the kids as well. win / win.

Tip 4: Be Flexible : When Max is home sick everything else stops. I let go of the wheel that is my fine running machine of a business ( in theory ) and focus everything on Max. Maybe when he's napping or asleep I'll work a little. But I know from experience that I cannot count on those naps to make deadlines. Everything must stop. Emails, texts, newsletters, launches, photo sessions get re-scheduled. If I'm not flexible... I will break in half. No bueno. Again I need to put in place a lot of extra pampering/ self care to keep the ship running and the home life going smoothly. Does it ever run smoothly? Well...you saw this video above.... It's a living breathing thing.

I have many more tips to share about motherhood and entrepreneurship.... Next Time Anne and Mila visit we'll try this again....

Anne Samoilov helps people launch their online everythings. Check her out here. She helped me grow my business with systems and support that I didn't know I needed! Truly necessary to know her when you're wanting to create something and put it out in the world in a big way without losing your mind.

I'm starting to prep for my trip to Paris...soon you will see behind the scenes of what I pack, how I prepare, what you need to know when you travel internationally as an artist.

Thanks for watching! I know the audio is off and I need a camera! I decided just to go ahead and make these first videos anyway and just get them up and going. I hope you find them entertaining regardless of the quality right now.



Episode 1

C the G tv :: Episode 1 :: I want to hear from YOU!

I've revived the weekly video series after many years hiatus. I'm excited to bring it back to you. I have a LOT of information I cannot wait to share with you. Watch the video to learn more!


C the G has been my nickname for years. A friend, Sharonlee McLean, started the trend and it just stuck. C the G stands for Catherine the Great. I was considering what to call this new version of my video series and C the G tv is just so easy to say...So here we go!

After you watch the video, please email me at support@catherinejust.com with topics you'd like me to share in upcoming episodes.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Today I'm also announcing a new updated version of a course in Conceptual Photography. If you want to check that out you can click HERE.

I'm also heading to Paris with just 5 spots open for La Vie Enchantee. The Enchanted Life retreat. This is invite only - meaning you need to apply to get a spot or I need to personally invite you. email me at support@catherinejust.com for more info.

I'll be posting videos on this page and they are also posted on my Youtube Channel. I'm still figuring out Youtube as you will see....

I'm also wanting to hear your recommendations on Video Cameras as my phone just isn't going to cut it anymore. email support@catherinejust.com and tell me your experiences with cameras that are light and easy to walk and talk with.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.