Into the Deep

I have a new Master Class in Conceptual and Project based Photography called Into the Deep.

What is Conceptual Photography? It's a way of using the medium of photography to explore a concept, idea or subject.

In my own personal work I explore what lives in-between the words and underneath the surface. Those things unsaid or unseen but deeply felt. I explore my own identity through self portraiture, symbolism and evidence of what we cannot see using longer exposures to capture what's hidden. The breath, the heartbeat, the pulse of what's inside of me and the world around me. What secrets, desires and dreams are floating in the air particles around us? I feel like an archeologist digging down deep inside my own layers of knowing...down into places not yet excavated...bringing the essence of those places up and out through visual expression.


You can view my projects by clicking the links below::

Chasing the Fog :: Learning how to Breathe


The Common Thread

Capturing Breath on Film


**You do not need to have your project figured out before the course starts. We can talk about it once we begin and find a topic that moves you.**


This is a 12 week course that helps each participant create a new series of images all relating to their own personal project or topic. This could mean a series of 10 tightly edited and cohesive images that jump starts a year long project, or the completion of a new body of work which could be around 20-30 images. Each week we go over new ways to enrich the work, the process and the direction of your work. There will be weekly course materials, interviews with other conceptual and project based photographers and each week I will be meeting with you in a private online space for you to share work you are all doing and giving you feedback and taking your questions. You'll also have access to  me during the course to make sure you are moving in the direction that feels best and getting specific feedback from me as you go. You can purchase 1:1 mentoring sessions during the course to have even more connection and specific feedback from me.

You will learn:

  • How to create a body of work based on one concept or idea.

  • How to explore and express deep emotions, desires and secrets through this visual medium.

  • How to edit your images to tell a more cohesive story.

  • How to dive even deeper when you feel stuck in your project.

  • How to create an artists statement about your project.

  • How to build on an idea and take it new places.

  • How to put together a series for a show in an online gallery.

  • How to submit your work to galleries both online and off.

  • How to price your work and edition it.

At the end of the course we will have an online Gallery showing of a select number of each participants work on my website. It will go out on my social media feeds and be featured on my blog.

I'm taking what I've learned in College and my 30 year career and offering it to you. You will have access to all of the materials inside my introductory course, Begin Deepening, to reference as you move forward and build your first project with a supportive and intimate group.

Space is Available FOR 14 PEOPLE. NEXT SESSION IS TBD 2019.

The course is $997 for the 12-week session.

BONUS :: The first 3 participants to sign up for this course and pay in full receive an additional 1:1 session with me during the course. (A $350 value).

Payment plans are available for this course. If you feel it's time to create your body of work don't allow the money situation to get in the way. We can work that out.

Into the Deep is an intimate and exclusive setting to support you in creating the work that is simmering inside of you.

I have been dreaming about offering this extensive Into The Deep course for years. I am so passionate about conceptual photography and the way it can tailor fit itself to each person and any story. I have poured my heart and soul into this course and I am ready for this intimate group of 14 to join me in diving in and making an incredible body of work as unique and amazing as each participant.

Not sure if you're ready for this course?

Email me to schedule a free 15-minute phone call.

If you've taken my Begin Deepening course you are ready to jump into the deep end with us.

If you'd like to take the DIY 10 day version of Begin Deepening before we start our Into the Deep course contact me so I can set that up for you.

Don't let the money situation, the camera situation, your self doubt, your resistance to owning your greatness get in the way.


What they are saying about this Into the Deep experience::

I miss hearing your voice, and I miss our creative, supportive little world! Pausing to reflect upon our time now, I feel all emotional.

I approached this course braced to be "the little duckling" of the group. I was worried about the mentoring calls because I can be really shy, and the idea of speaking with someone 1 on 1, who you have only known online seemed intimidating. I also knew, however, that I was ready for a more intense course than what I have experienced previously, and that I needed more critique and guidance.

My fears turned out to be unwarranted. The framework of the course allowed me to follow my own growth curve. I spent little energy comparing myself to others, and instead remained open to how they might inspire me. The mentoring calls were comfortable, supportive, insightful, and incredibly generous. Overall, the challenge and intensity of the whole experience felt exactly right.

I loved our resources page, the weekly checklist, and a very clear and thorough process to follow to create and execute a project.

This experience and our time together remains so dear to me. I don't like to think of it as being over, but instead as an introduction. I am in awe of your vision for this process and for your deep generosity.
  - Clarice

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The Into the Deep journey was incredible. I l o v e d everything about it. From the beginning of the 6 weeks till the show. There isn't a thing I would want to change about it. It was perfect. The tools, the teachings, the videos, the Spreecasts, the mentoring, the community, the time to create work was all exactly as I wanted it to be.

I received so many compliments after the show. Not only about my own work, but about the whole show. People could see and feel how important this work has been to all of us, and how special and individual every single gallery was (and is). I think it will inspire a lot of people to want to take this masterclass with you next time you will run it.

This masterclass, the process, has been life changing to me. For me it felt as a natural follow up to the previous courses I've done with you. Those previous courses already taught me, that I can make meaningful pictures. Meaningful to me, but people often let me know that they are meaningful to them as well. That is never a purpose when I create the pictures, but it is so rewarding and special to get that feedback. It feels as if I'm seen for what I am. And ultimately I think that is what we all want: to be seen and valued for what we are.

After all your courses and this masterclass photography has become a big and important part of who I am. Being able to express myself in this way and to be confident enough and knowing how to share it with "the world" is very dear to me. If it wasn't for you, I would never have done this or have known how to do this. So I can never thank you enough for that.  - Esmee A.


View the Online Exhibition from the first session of this course. It's an incredible display of what can happen in just 12 short weeks. The work is going to blow you away.

Click HERE to view.

There are 14 spots available and seats are already starting to fill.

If you're curious and want to talk with me about this course or want to set up a payment plan email me.

If you're ready to jump Into the Deep and secure your spot... email me by clicking HERE.


Looking forward to supporting you in creating your epic work. You do deserve the time to devote to yourself and to your unique expression.