This might seem crazy to post on my website. But watching this video made me laugh a full body laugh out loud with the truth it tells.

In just 8+ minutes Prince Ea sums up everything I've learned and experienced about myself, you, life, time, thoughts, art, connection, vibration, frequency, suffering, Being.

 I'd love for you to watch this for yourself and see what rings true.

THIS is what I'm diving into with my conceptual photography. And inside my Begin Deepening course.

You may think I'm just creating photographs, but really...I'm deeply entrenched in a practice of living inside that space between the words.

That's where the truth lives.

We all at one point or another get a nudge or two that there is more to this life than what we are living and experiencing, both internally and externally. And that maybe suffering is a result of our thoughts and how we are responding to what's happening. ( I hear some of you wanting to debate me on this because so many bad things happen...that can cause suffering...But for how long does one need to suffer? ... and the way we suffer can be shifted drastically when given tools to do so and I'm not talking about numbing out by drinking to take the "edge" off, compulsively shopping, eating an entire cake,  or any other number of avoidance tactics.  I'm talking about tools that help us WAKE UP from being so asleep and believing the lies we feed ourselves all day. It's an intense leaning in. )

It's not about religion or dogma or a system or a WAY. It's about uncovering what's true for you so you can live a more expansive life. This is what I love about creating photography that has deeper more potent meaning. It helps uncover what's hidden in a way that helps us see. Awareness is the Key to everything.

This is a topic I could go on and on and on about. And by no means am I saying I'm perfect at this - it's just my favorite topic to study and work on applying in my life when I wake up enough inside difficult moments. Creativity helps and I'd love to share the way I create my image with you - as an additional pathway that can lead to your Truth.


** the musicin this video is from the soundtrack of the movie the Matrix. For those that know me, you KNOW how much this is a part of my life....For those that don't... The back story is that I reference that movie every day - several times a day - as a Spiritual Power Movie that helps me "wake up" from the "Dream of the Planet" and move into the space between the words and "see" from that vantage point... I studied with Miguel Ruiz who wrote the book The Four Agreements and learned a Toltec Way of living that helps give people tools to use daily to help them break free from Personal suffering. It changed my life and continues to. I listen to that music to help me shift when I'm believing my mind and need to snap out of it. It happens to be Rage Against the Machine, which seems fitting....doesn't it?



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