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“Love How the Light Hits Your Soul” Collection

Announcing the “Love how the light hits your soul” Fine Art, limited edition, Collection.

Every month a new photograph will be showcased in a very small edition of prints.

Once they are sold out no other prints will be made.

Each print is professionally printed with care on Archival Pigment Print Fine art Paper. Each Photograph is hand signed, dated and numbered by Catherine Just.

Both framed and unframed options are available. See pricing below.


Joshua Tree ©CatherineJust

About “Joshua Tree”

:: This image represents all of us. We are the tree, the earth, the sky, the air, the soil, the breath, heartbeat, dreams, wishes and desires …We are the collective Soul and Pulse of the Planet. We often forget our connection to and with everything. We believe in the illusion that we are separate. This illusion causes suffering. This Image is a reminder that we may appear alone, but we in fact we are being held. Our roots firmly planted. Sinking into ourselves and the world around us which is one in the same we can find the deeper knowing that we are never alone:: ( you can read more about Catherine’s process below. )

Framed or Unframed Prints are Available!

  • If you go with the Framed option my personal suggestion is a black frame, white frame or walnut wood frame. Floating without a mat. The pricing reflects this option. Once you select and pay for a framed print we can talk about which of those options you’d like. If you already know what kind of frame you’d like, please let me know when you order.

  • If you’d like it matted or a different type of frame let me know. Happy to do custom framing for you specific to your aesthetic taste. Pricing will differ.

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Pricing reflects a limited edition of 33 prints for each size offered.

Once 33 images are sold out no others will be made in that size or paper.

8x10” 11x14” 16x20” 20x24”

$222 unframed $333 unframed $888 unframed $1255 unframed

$444 framed $555 framed $1200 framed $1700 frame

Joshua Tree
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Orders made by September 15th will be printed that week and shipped to you inside 2-3 weeks.

This image was created with a 4x5 pinhole camera and New55 Film. I was hand holding the camera and I opened the shutter and “listened with my entire being” until I “knew” that the exposure was done. I felt it intuitively. While the shutter was open… I was breathing and my heart was beating which ultimately affected the final image of this landscape. my own essence merged with the essence of the tree and the land, the sky and the space in between the words. It has a dreamy quality and it all blends into itself - which is the same feeling I have when I create these long exposure pinhole images. It’s a form of meditation and being present in the moment to everything. This is what I wish for anyone who sees this image as they walk by it in their home. That is reminds you to be present, to breathe, to notice the way the light is wrapping around your life and that you are indeed light itself. My hope is that you have compassion toward yourself when you feel those moments of “alone” and you that your heart opens to the frequency of love that permeates all things… including you.



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