Fine Art Photography Commissions

If you are in need of new photos of yourself or one of a kind artwork for your upcoming album, book, film or other creative project contact me for a quote. I use alternative cameras and film to collaborate with my clients and create original content that explores your essence.


Makenna Held, Valbonne France.

Makenna Held, Valbonne France.


Here's what Makenna Held had to say:

To be frank? There are no words that truly do the magic of Catherine's work justice. To say she sees people in all their beauty is like saying the moon moves the sea.

Catherine's work is transcendent. She's an artist. Not a portrait photographer. Her mission is to see your essence, and to capture it in all of it's beauty. For two years I've trusted her with my voice and my soul in her lens, and those two years have turned my business into the one I see today.

She sees me, and in seeing me, I see myself. All of me. All of the potential, the joy, the movement, the raw energy.

She's a soul alchemist. Her medium is photography. Hire her. You will not be disappointed.


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