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Here is the first in a series of content from my Self Portraiture as Medicine eCourse for FREE just to thank you for being a part of my email community.
If you want to do the lesson I share, since the private facebook group is only for the folks inside the course, you can post your version of both of these on IG you can use the hashtag #selfportraitureasmedicine and TAG ME @cjust so I can find it and we can all see what's happening. I won't be giving feedback on your images because that's reserved for the participants in the eCourse, but you can connect with others posting with the hashtag and I'll be around to cheer you on!

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This is going to be a truly transormational course. I just updated the Begin Deepening course from a 10 day to a 10 WEEK course and it was astounding what happened!

I'm putting together an online show to celebrate their work. I'll share the link with you as soon as it's ready to view! you won't believe how some of these participants who took the 10 day course and decided to try this up-leveled version - took their work from good to .... extraordinary. Truly.


More on that Soon.

Sending you all love this New Years Day!

Setting my intention for as much transformation and creativity and expansion as possible and creating ways for you to jump in with me!


Hope to see you in the course!


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Loving you!