chasing the fog :: learning how to breathe

a visual poem of what the heart hears


'Chasing the fog :: learning how to breathe' is an exploration of personal identity specific to love, loss and what lives in between them. I explore my own internal dialogue through self-portraiture and still life imagery. These photographs are metaphors and symbols that weave together into a visual poem. I'm interested in the space in-between the words which is where I feel the truth lives. I dive deep into the layers of emotional, psychological and spiritual realms bringing to the surface what the heart hears. This body of work spans 3 years of my life exploring the edges of my own understanding inside spaces that are non-linear. This is a documentation of what's said underneath the surface of several relationships and touch on motherhood, divorce and falling in love. This book is a small sample of images from a larger poem.


In September of 2019 the book was re-designed and updated.

Each book is made to order, signed and shipped.

I cannot ship outside of the USA unless special arrangements and shipping fees are paid.

This sexy 5x5” soft cover coffee table art book is $60.00 plus shipping.

Books will be shipped out 2 weeks after purchase.

$60 plus shipping (US ONLY)



Max Harrison


I’m putting together a book of photos of Max. This is a little gem filled with images of Max taken with both film and polaroid cameras.

It’s a 5x5” soft cover book, created the same way that my book, Chasing the Fog :: Learning how to Breathe, is made. 20 photos. Signed by both myself and my son Max.

If you want to pre-order this little treasure ( coming out late September ) Click HERE.

If you want to purchase BOTH books :: Chasing the Fog::Learning how to Breathe and Max Harrison Click HERE and shipping is FREE.


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